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  1. Upload your community logo1 by dragging an image onto the default logo, or select one here:
  2. Upload your QR tag2 by dragging an image onto the default QR tag, or select one here:
  3. Print out this page for your new badge!

1. 250 x 250 pixels is a good image size to use.

2. For a good QR tag generator, try Unitag. Turn off the background color for transparency.

3. We recommend the URL shortener. You can leave off the http:// for brevity.

What is this?

Badger is a customizable identification badge generator for Ingress field agents.

Simply follow the instructions above and print out this page. Only the important stuff will be printed. You can then cut out4 the images and laminate them in an ID badge style laminating pouch5. Show your faction pride and support your community!

Once printed and cut-out, the badge should be just the right size to leave room at the top of the laminating pouch that you can punch it out with a slot punch and hang it from a lanyard or badge-clip. Be sure to laminate it in such a way that the extra space is all at the top edge of your badge.

If you don't have the laminate or a laminator, take the cut-out pieces (and maybe a couple extras, just in case) to your nearest full-service copy shop for assistance. They probably sell lanyards and badge-clips as well. If you want to get real fancy, you could even have them print it out on high-quality stock for a more professional look.

4. For best results cut inside the dotted lines, leaving approximately 1-2mm on the outside edges.

5. Designed to fit 57mm x 95mm (2-1/4" x 3-3/4") pouches. Use 5 mil thickness for better durability.


If you would like to contribute to this project, here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Design an awesome Badger logo for this project!
  • Submit a feature request
  • Found a bug? Something not aligning properly? Doesn't print properly? Report it!
  • Fork the project on GitHub and contribute directly :)

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